Bringing More Scale and Impact

AEMI was established to bring more scale and impact to our partners in the Alliance. 

By connecting, convening and collaborating with our partners, the alliance will develop and share common and consistent best practices, better tools and assessments, and increased focus on the quantity and quality of education, onboarding and training. This will include more formalized sharing and exchange of best practices, the identification of standards of performance, tools for measuring and monitoring performance, updates on economic and regulatory factors, and the identification of market drivers, user needs, and challenges and successes.

 Why AEMI, Why Now 

While many currently serve the environmental markets industry through advocacy, finance, and education, the overall environmental markets industry remains segmented. AEMI works to connect, convene, and collaborate with our partners to build a strong alliance so all of the environmental markets industry can grow strong together restoring and protecting our environment through public/private,  market-driven and entrepreneurial approaches to sustained solutions.