Our History and Mission

Building a Stronger Alliance Supports Environmental Markets


We believe that building a stronger alliance across environmental markets will support more sustainable preservation, restoration, and protection of the environment.  We will lead the work across with an entrepreneurial approach of connecting sustainable environmental solutions with resources from investors interested in enhancing the environment, and by formalizing and sharing best practices across the Alliance. 

Since 1997, we have been involved in wetland and species mitigation and conservation, with exposure to other entrepreneurial approaches in the areas of carbon, nutrients, water quality and quantity among others.   It is our observation that while many organizations are serving the environmental markets through advocacy, finance, and education, the overall environmental markets industry remains segmented.

We work to connect, convene, and collaborate across all environmental markets. Our vision is to lead a strong alliance that brings more investment, knowledge sharing and resources to environmental markets allowing for more long-term sustainable environmental solutions for everyone.

AEMI is independent, transparent, and balanced. We are guided by stakeholder representatives from business; federal, state, and local governments; peer nonprofit organizations; users and customers of offsets or mitigation; and the private and public funding community. We strive to serve various stakeholders within environmental markets including wetlands, species, carbon, water quality and quantity and others.