Join at at Environmental Markets and Finance Summit October 29-31!

Environmental Markets and Finance Summit

October 29-31 | Washington, D.C.

Join AEMI &  Forest Trends for a gathering of public, private, and philanthropic communities in forestry, carbon, ecological restoration, water resources, and corporate sustainability. 

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DC Premiere of Ice on Fire

Join us for the Environmental Markets and Finance Summit in Washington, D.C - a gathering of philanthropists, clients of mitigation and offsets, impact investing, regulatory community and more, as well as the the DC Premiere of Ice on Fire at the historic Warner Theater in Washington, D.C. with a focus on solutions to climate change.  


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How We Work Across Environmental Markets


AEMI's Inaugural Stakeholder Engagement Meeting was held December 3, at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.  

The meeting was by invitation to ensure a manageable and diverse working group.  

Participation in AEMI is open to all stakeholders, and we encourage you to become involved.

Below are the highlights from the meeting and AEMI Impact Priorities for 2019.   

Please contact one of the founding board members for ways to support and participate.    

AEMI Meeting Highlights - Dec 2018 (pdf)




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